"From the beginning, we feel safe in the hands of the filmmakers insofar as the choice of shots and the grammar of the piece feel stylish and well put together. The film’s production values – the locations and the sense of the world – are also impressive."
Emily Young, BAFTA winning director, talking about our film 'School TIes', 2021

"This is very ambitious and it works. The characters feel authentic and fun, we need some British superhero films! You are a filmmaker and filmmaking team I want to see more work by."

Andrew Woodyatt,  Rio Cinema curator, talking about our film 'The Fantastical Millipede', 2021

Far Away Films is a London based production company founded by Oscar Albert and Daniel Christophersen. The two met while studying at The London Film School, one of the world's leading postgraduate film institutions. At that time they were dressing up and filming themselves to make shorts they hope no one ever sees. 
Since then, through Far Away Films, they’ve written and directed narrative short films, and produced projects for companies such as The National Trust, The Cartoon Museum and The Guardian. While featuring a wide range of tone and genre, their work always maintained a focus on reaching and entertaining their audiences.